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Automatic capping machine for crown caps - CM 800

Capping machine is useful to capping process of beer, juices, soft drinks and many other beverages. The machine is always finished on the basis of detailed information between the customer and our technician. We will be happy to find the right solution and set up the device exactly for you.


Properties of the capping machine:

  •  capping machine for crown corks, with automatic feeder tray plugs and plugs
  •  can be supplied for any bottle size (commonly used 330 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml)
  •  capacity 800 bottles per hour
  •  automatic adjustment of the bottle height during capping
  •  size - 750x650x2000, weight 160kg
  •  size of crown caps: 26 mm and 29 mm
  •  the capping machine will be prepared for 5 types of bottles according to customer requirements
  •  all-stainless steel design


Here you can see our device in operation:



We will be happy to provide further information on contacts:

Ing. Milan Janů +420 739 518 4­66 or 

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