Hops Master 300 (cold hopping device)

Do you want to have more hop aroma in your IPA beer? 

Then you should try to use our unique device which is called „Hops Master 300“ and transfer the taste buds of your valuable customers in the beer heaven.

What actuallay cold hoppin is ? Very simple solution for dissolving of hop pellets in cold beer and optimally transfer hops oils in beer.

The cold hopping device is used for the maceration of the hop aroma and oils into the cold beer without contact with air, in order to enhance the aroma and taste of beer. By using of this device, beer can reach a rich scale with a unique, original, rich aroma and taste, finally original character.

How much of hops you should use for your hopping cycle…

Normal quantity of hops pellets for one hopping cycle is between 28–56 g of hops for a 19 L batch. If you want just a hint of hop aroma you might go as low as a 14 g. If you want your beer had pronounced hop bitterness, hop flavor and aroma, you might decide to use 112 grams.

However, You should also consider the variety of hop. If you use hops with a high essential oil content, you most probably don’t want to use as much as you might if you were using something less oily.

Our advice with respect to the Hops Master 300 technical construction is, do not use more than 28 g for your first hopping cycle. This will give you a good initial idea of what hopping process can do for your beer. Then you will be only limited by your own creativity and willingness to make new, new experiments.

To use our „Hops master 300“ There are no limits.

Here it is, please familiarize yourself !!!!

Hops master HR 300:

  • Two sight glasses – DN 50 – vertically welded on the body of hopper – the operator can monitor the movement of hops inside the equipment
  • Tube DN 300 – 1000 mm length clamped connection (bottom and upper part) with silicon seal for easy assembly and disassembly of cold hopper for the sanitation and cleaning
  • Pressurized vessels up to 3 Bar
  • Inside the inner tubular strainer – 0,5mm gap of screen, DN 100 and 1000mm length – big filtration surface – hops can not enter back to the beer tank. All hops remain in filtration vessel. Filter can be very easily removable for easy cleaning or its replacement.
  • The movement of beer in hopper is ensured by tangential outlet which is at the bottom.
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge with sanitary diaphragm – clamp connection 0–4bar – the operator can monitor pressure inside the hopper during the evacuation with CO2 and hopping process
  • Butterfly valve DN 15 with fitting for evacuation with CO2
  • Beer filling under pressure
  • Evacuation of beer by tap water
  • Stainless steel EBARA pump (80L/min) + control box, for pumping the beer from then through cold hopper, Pump suitable for food and beverage industry. Can be used for cold and hot hopping.
  • Butterfly valves DN 25/DN 32 or DN40, clamped or DIN, SMS connection (inlet, outlet, drain) according to the clients requirements
  • Whole technology is mounted on stainless steel frame with stainless steel casters – movable solution.
  • At the bottom the outlet for easy hops sludge discharging after the filtration process – easy sanitation
  • Straight sight glass which is installed on outlet tube – operator can check the quality of the beer on outlet
  • Material – stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304)


  • Frequency inverter for the a smooth operation of the EBARA pump, with control potentiometer, mounted in water proof box – 295,– EUR without VAT
  • Additional filter for the Hops Master for filtration of the beer without residual yeasts 0.2mm – 168,– EUR without VAT
  • Seal of the pump for high temperatures up to 100°C – 90,– EUR without VAT


  • Cold hopping device can be flexible integrated in an existing system by using of flexible hoses
  • It provides an efficient extraction of aromatic components, which provides constant and defined flavouring
  • Better results with less amount of hop, compared to convent methods of dry hopping
  • It can be also used for additional hopping of hot wort after boiling process – additional hop aromatization between whirlpool and wort cooler
  • Due to fine filtration screen 0.2mm or 0.5mm It ensures perfect separation of the extracted hop particles, there is no problems with filtration


For more information please contact: Mr. Milan Janů  +420 739 518 4­66 or mjanu@water4life.cz