Stainless steel slotted sieve plate

Delivery times individually based on sieve size, please contact a technician for more information: 739 518 466

Price including shipping will be calculated based on your inquiry.

 The Price of 1m² sieve = approximately 323,– EUR without VAT

 Price of burning/cut + grinding = 4,– EUR without VAT/ 10 cm incision

 The sieves are supplied in dimension 1000 × 20­00 mm, however, on the basis of the supplied dimensions, we offer the customer individual service and sieve production exactly tailored to the specified dimensions. 

  Stainless steel, slotted, the welded sieve is used for applications in the thickening, dewatering, drying and fermentation processes in the food, beverage (larding breweries) and processing (meat processing), sugar refineries, malt houses, and many other industries.

The working surface of the screen is smooth and has a triangular cross-section.

The sieve we offer was designed for applications in the fabrication and production of beer for lautering of mash in the lauter tank brewing tank.