Semi-automatic, movable filling line for bottling beer in glass bottles

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Description of the bottling:

The operator manually inserts, empty bottles upside down into the throat of the nozzle which is used to sanitize bottles.

After pressing the button, the bottle is sanitized by sanitation solution – the sanitation sequence is automatically, consecutively repeated 3 times.

Subsequently, the operator removes the bottle and positions them on the table under the filling needles (depending on the size of the bottle, it is possible to adjust the height of the table under the filling needles, so that the filling needle is fully fit for a particular bottle, the table setting is done manually).

In the next step by pressing of button “filling” needles go automatically down and land on the bottles. If the bottling line works properly, the operator has always achieved the same level of beverage in all filled bottles, which is done by a special design of the filling needles.

Subsequently, the operator removes the filled bottles and put them on the table, then the crown caps will be applied on bottle.

The basic function of filling lines:

• Rinsing of the bottles by sanitizing solution
• Beverage filling into bottles
• Capping of the bottles

Technical specifications of the bottling line:

  • Bottles are rinsed by sanitizing solution before beverage filling. The rinsing process is automatically done after the operator pushes the button “rinsing”. Sanitizing solution is mostly based on oxygen. Bottles are manually inserted into the rinsing dishes with spraying nozzles upside down.
  • After the rinsing phase, the operator manually put the bottles on a table under the filling nozzles
  • The bottling line has four rinsing nozzles and four filling head with filling nozzles and one pneumatically operated capping head
  • Usually, the operator can use the bottles from 330 ml-750 ml, in case of a larger volume it is necessary to consult it with the manufacturer
  • The level of the beverage in the bottles can be set. By design of the filling nozzle is ensured that all bottles will be always filled with the same layer
  • It is possible to perform carbonated and still beverage (beer) from the tank
  • The bottling line is equipped with a diaphragm pump, which pumps the beer from bright tank to the storage tank of the bottling lines (the amount of beer in the storage tank is monitored by level switches) if level in the storage tank drops to a minimum, then pump automatically starts to drawdown the beverage from tank
  • Pressure in the storage tank of the bottling line is set by the user according to the pressure in the beer tank
  • The line is designed as movable with 4 stainless steel casters with a possibility to be braked
  • Capping head - for crown caps - pneumatically operated
  • The phase of rinsing, filling and capping is performed automatically after pressing the button by the operator, refilling of a beer storage tank is done automatically
  • The bottling line is equipped with oil-free compressor - very quiet
  • Material AISI 304 - stainless steel
  • Connection of the bottling line with beer tank by flexible hose – hose is not included
  • Type of connection can be customized - either clamp, DIN or SMS
  • The line can be completely sanitized (washed) within the sanitation process that allows complete washing and sanitizing all routes of bottling lines.
  • Well trained staff is able to fill the line 200 ~ 250 bottles of 330 ml per 1 hour.

 For more information please contact: Mr. Milan Janů or +420 739 518466

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