Pneumatically operated valves

Principle of operation single acting valve:

This type of valve is widely used in operations requiring repeated start-up in a short time interval, the advantage is its fast and accurate response. The valve is opened with compressed air.

Areas of application for the inclined seat valve:

Applications in the dairy, brewing, food, beverage and chemical industries. Filling equipment for beer and other beverages. Textile printing and dyeing. Foaming equipment. For wastewater treatment applications. Suitable for machine tools for refrigerant control. For laundries and dry cleaners (dosing of detergent, water).

Note: A pilot valve must be purchased to operate the seat valve. You will find a suitable type in the Pneumatic components section.

If the valve is used for a long time at limit temperatures, it is necessary to consult the suitability of the valve with the supplier.

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