Semi-automatic, Movable Filling Line For Bottling Beer In Bottles

Nebylo nalezeno žádné zboží.

The price of filling and bottling line is 9 300,– EUR without VAT 

(The price includes transport packaging plus a holder for filling PET bottles.)

Description of the bottling:

  • The operator manually inserts empty bottles upside down into the stainless steel throats with the spraying nozzles which are used for bottles sanitation and rinsing.
  • After pressing the button, the bottles are sanitized by sanitation solution – the sanitation sequence is automatically, consecutively repeated 3 times.
  • Subsequently, the operator removes the bottles and positions them on the table under the filling needles (depending on the size of the bottles, the operator can adjust the height of the table under the filling needles.
  • In the next step again by pressing a button “filling” needles go automatically down and land on the bottles' necks. If the bottling line works properly, the operator has always achieved the same level of beverage in all filled bottles, which is done by a special design of the filling needles.
  • Subsequently, the operator removes the filled bottles and by using pneumatic capper the cap is applied on the bottle.

The basic functions of the bottling line:

  • Rinsing of the bottles by sanitizing solution
  • Beverage filling into bottles
  • Pneumatic capping of the bottles (crown caps)

Basic technical characteristics of the filling line:

  • Before filling of the beverage into bottles, the bottles are rinsed with a sanitation solution (mostly based on oxygen, the type and concentration of the sanitizing solution is determined by the supplier of the sanitizing solution)
  • the bottles are placed manually upside down in the stainless-steel bowls with rinsing nozzles and after rinsing process, are again manually transferred to the table under the filling needles 
  • the bottling line has 4 rinsing nozzles, 4 filling heads with filling needles and 1 crown capping head
  • generally bottling line is designed to be used for filling of non-carbonated and carbonated beverage into the bottles with a volume of 330ml ~ 1500ml. In case that client requites to use a bigger bottle, it is necessary to consult it with the manufacturer
  • the level of the beverage in the bottles can be set by the user – thanks to the design of the filling needles, it is guaranteed that all bottles will always be filled to the same level
  • the device allows you to fill a carbonated and non-carbonated beverage (beer) directly from the tank or beer KEGs 
  • the bottling line is equipped with a diaphragm pump, which pumps beer from the tank (KEG) to the receiving tank of the bottling line (the amount of beer in the receiving tank is monitored by float switches that indicate the maximum and minimum level), in case the level in the receiving tank drops to a minimum, the diaphragm pump is automatically switched on, and beverage is automatically transferred into the receiving tank. 
  • the pressure in the receiving tank is set by the user according to the pressure in beverage tank (temperature and beverage saturation), in case the saturated beverage is filled, the beverage must be properly cooled to a maximum temperature of 4 ° C, otherwise the it may foam disproportionately
  • the bottling line is designed as a movable device equipped with 4 stainless steel casters with a direct brake
  • the capping head (for crown caps) is pneumatically operated
  • the phase of bottles rinsing, filling and capping takes place automatically after pressing the button by the operator
  • the bottling line is equipped with an oil-free compressor – very quiet operation
  • the material of the AISI 304 line – stainless steel
  • bottling line is connected with tank or KEG  with flexible hose (which is not included in the delivery)the connection can be selected by the user – clamp, DIN or SMS 
  • the line can be completely sanitized within the sanitation process, which allows complete sanitation and flushing of all lines of the line
  •  trained staff is able to fill 200 ~ 250 330ml bottles on the line in 1 hour.

The basic operating parameters can be set by the user on the touch screen of the bottling line. These are mainly the number and duration of pressure equalization in bottles, the number, and duration of rinsing cycles, the duration of bottles filling, the durations of bottles evacuation, CO2 prefilling and capping.

The bottling line is equipped with a bottle evacuation mode (vacuum pump), which is a step in the filling process, in which a vacuum is briefly created in the bottles and the air is sucked out. This process is taken place before the CO2 is injected into the bottles. This ensures greater stability of the beverage and reduces the oxidation of the beer. The duration of the evacuation can also be set on the touch screen of the bottling line.


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