Stainless steel carbonization element for the beverage industry


Generally, carbonization element is used for the saturation of the finished beverage (beer, lemonade, cider) inside of the pressure tank with sterile air, CO2 or nitrogen. Thanks to the its design you can achieve a very delicate bubbles and additionally saturated beverage within the given temperature and pressure. The carbonization element can also be used to saturation of cooled wort before the fermentation in beer fermentation tanks (CCT). 

Based on the experience of our customers, the carbonization element can also be used during cold hooping of the beer directly in tank, because if the element is installed at the bottom and beer is additionally aerated, then hops pellets can be moved from the bottom and swirls in the tank, which can ensure a better transfer of aromas to your beer. 

The carbonization element can be easily connected to the vessel, tank via CLAMP K50.5 mm. Flow rate of the gas or sterile air can be easily adjusted by using of needle valve ¼” .

The carbonization element can be supplied without / with accessories, based on clients requirements can be also customised. 


  1. Material of aeration part: Titanium
  2. Body material: Stainless steel, AISI 304
  3. Connection into the vessel: CLAMP 50.5 mm
  4. Gas connection: 1/4 "G male (external), length = 20mm 
  5. Porosity: 0.45 micron
  6. Diameter: 30 mm
  7. Length of titanium part: 300 mm
  8. Length of stainless-steel part: 60 mm


Please note that: Heavy Duty Clamp, Silicon Gasket and Clamp Welded Ferrule is not included.

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