Stainless steel filter housing

The housing is made of stainless steel AISI 304. The filter body is used to place the filter cartridge (10'' PP pleated cartridge filter or 30" PP pleated cartridge filter)

Filtration principle:

Candle filtration is based on filtration of the product on filter elements (candles, cartridges) in different filtration stages, different constructions, which depend on the type of the filtered product, industry specifications and requirements for Output quality of the filtered product. Microfilters (candles) are an integral tool for a perfectly clean product (cider, wine or beer) before botting. A suitably selected candle (membrane) contributes to the stability of bottled beer, cider, cider or wine.

The filtered product flows through the filter insert (candle), where the removal of undesirable impurities and micro-organisms, etc., occurs. During this process, the pores of the candle gradually become inflamed. If a filter candle is clogged i.e. Increase in differential pressure to a specified value, it is unacceptable to continue filtration, and it is important to replace the candle (if we use a disposable candle), or regenerate (if we use a candle that can be regenerated). The number of admissible sanitation cycles and their execution is indicated by the supplier of the candle with regard to its lifetime while maintaining the given degree of filtration.

Variant solution:

In our offer, it is possible to specify the given filtration and a given number of housing with equipment according to the client's requ­irement. Of course, there is technical support. Our technical workers will happy to provide you with more technical information or customize our technical solution for your brewery to finde appropriate filter assembly.

Alternative version for 1 × 10 „filter housing:

Items from offer:
1) Size of Filter housing 10“ – 7.105,– CZK without VAT (1pc) –…a-housing-10

2) Butterfly valve clamp connection – 757 CZK without VAT (2pc) –…amp-c-c-dn25

3) Stainless steel manometer with clamp separating diaphragm, with bottom connection – up to 2.5bar – 1995,– CZK without VAT (1pc)…clamp-50-5mm

4) Manometer with clamp separating diaphragm, with rear connection – up to 2.5bar – 1995,– CZK without VAT (1pc)…clamp-50-5mm

5) Hose extension clamp – DN 25 – 166 CZK without VAT (2pc)…adapter-dn25

6) T-piece clamp – 267,– CZK without VAT (1pc)…s-clamp-dn25

7) Heavy-duty clamp – 108 CZK without VAT (7pc) –…i-dn25-32-40

8) Gasket clamp DN 25 – 6 CZK without VAT (7pc) –…ikonove-dn25

  Price of this configuration= 14.006,– CZK without VAT ~ 519,– EUR without VAT


Technické listy:

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