Stainless steel manometer with separating membrane, union DIN 11851, dial 100 mm, Nut DN32 | 0-10 bar

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Stainless steel manometer with separating membrane, union DIN 11851, dial 100 mm, Nut DN32 | 0-10 bar

echnical parameters of separating membrane with nut:

  • Material of the separating membrane: AISI 316L (1.4404), Ra≤0,8 µm
  • Material of the body separator: AISI 316 (1.4401)
  • Material of the nut: AISI 304 (1.4301)
  • Working temperature: –45 °C to +150 °C
  • Diaphragm designed for pressure range: 0–60 bar
  • Filling according to application requirements: silicone oil, vegetable oil (almond)
  • Connection of the manometer to the separator: internal thread 1/2" BSP
  • Connection of the separator: food screw connection - union nut DN32, DIN 11851


Technical parameters of stainless steel manometers, dial 100 mm(4"):

  • The pressure gauge is made of stainless steel, housing material AISI 304, thread material AISI 316. The sensing device is Bourdon stainless steel spring.
  • The connector is TIG welded.
  • It is supplied with a glycerine filling as standard (protection against operational shocks).
  • Measuring range: 0–10 bar
  • Working temperature: –20 °C to +200 °C
  • Ambient temperature: –40 °C to 60 °C
  • Straight sight glass.
  • Bottom connection, thread G1/2“ BSP.
  • Dial size DN 100 mm.
  • They meet the requirements of EN 837-1, accuracy class CL 1.0.
  • They are designed with an emphasis on longevity and extreme operating conditions.
  • They are also designed for operation where vibrations or pulsating pressures occur.


The use of these manometers is common for the following cases:

  • highly viscous liquids
  • solid particles, sedimenting sludges
  • hot liquids that solidify or crystallize when the temperature drops
  • aggressive liquids
  • in cases where there are strict requirements for perfect cleaning and sanitation of the system

The given concept consists in the use of a separating membrane and an inert liquid, which transmits the pressure to the measuring device of the pressure gauge (manometer).

This type of pressure gauges (manometers) is used to measure the pressure of liquids and gases in cases where it is inadmissible for the measured medium to enter the measuring device of the pressure gauge.

Application fields:

Engineering, refrigeration, air conditioning, brewing, food and beverage industry, viticulture, refrigeration, water management applications, chemical industry, etc.


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