Spare heat transfer vacuum tube

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Spare heat transfer vacuum tube

The price of the tube includes a copper capacitor and internal aluminum profiles.

Shipping Note: CANNOT BE USED BY TRANSPORT COMPANIES, the only option is personal pickup. These tubes are sensitive to rough transport. The tubes can also be picked up in Humpolec by personal agreement.

The heat pipes are the driving motors of solar collectors used to DHW heating and heating water.

 They absorb solar radiation and convert it into the desired heat. The absorption surface that absorbs the incident radiation is cylindricalThe collector exposes the same area to the incident sun during the morning, at noon and in the early evening. Its performance is not reduced due to the low angle of incidence of solar radiation. The cylindrical absorption surface advantageously allows heat to be obtained from indirect diffuse solar radiationThe absorption area for diffuse radiation is three times greater than for direct sunlight. Thanks to this our collectors have heat gains even in bad weather. The vacuum tube for solar panels is made of very hard borosilicate glass. The outer surface of the tube is clear, allowing sunlight to pass through with minimal reflectionThe inner surface of the tube is coated with a special selective layer (Al-N-Al), which is characterized by a very good ability to absorb solar radiation. Vakuum ≤ 5×10Pa. This can only be achieved with a special vacuum process that lasts a long time, ensuring adequate results for future tube operation and limiting heat losses during solar collector operation.

Technical parameters of spare borosilicate glass vacuum tube for solar panels:

  • Vacuum tube dimension: ¢58/1800mm
  • Weight of vacuum tube: 2,3 kg
  • Copper thermally conductive tube : condenser ¢14*1mm;body¢8
  • Heat pipe start temperature: ≥25℃
  • Lowest working temperature: –35°C
  • Absorbance: ≥93%
  • Heated water from one tube: 17MJ/m² day, ΔT=35°C

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