Stainless steel ball valves and filters

Description of stainless steel ball valves

Ball valves are closing valves. The closing segment is a ball that directs the flow of a medium through the valve. This ball has a hole in the center and the valve is closed by turning the pin from 0° to 90°. It is also possible to control the valves with the servo drive or the pneumatic actuator.

If the hole in the ball has the same diameter as the diameter of the connecting pipe, it is a full-flow ball valve. There is no pressure loss with these valves and they are used when it is necessary to achieve a free flow of the medium.

If the ball has a smaller diameter than the diameter of the connecting pipe, then it is a ball valve with reduced flow. These valves are cheaper in our offer, but there is a pressure lost with them, and the flow rate increases.

There are two-way or three-way ball valves. In the case of the three-way valve, we distinguish the type of valve L or T. The drilling used must be chosen concerning the intended function. It is important to choose the valve type considering the intended function of the armature.

Connection possibilities of the ball valves are: thread/CLAMP/welded.

The offered ball valves are made of the stainless steel AISI304 (DIN 1.4301) suitable for use in wine-making, brewing, food and beverage industry, dairy, refrigeration, water management, chemical industry, etc.

Installation of threaded ball valves and gate valves:

The valves are connected by screwing into a suitable counterpart. We recommend preserving the connection with the food petroleum jelly Loctite 8105 during the inst


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