Automatic KEG Filling and Washing Machine

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The price of KEG washing and filling machine is 12.713,– EUR without VAT


Automatic KEG washing and filling machine:

The machine can wash two KEGs at the same time, you can set up all parameters on the touch display, there are as following steps: 

  • old beer is pushed out by pressure air
  • KEG is washed out with cold water 
  • lye washing (alkaline) sequence, lye is then fully recycled
  • then KEG is washed out with hot water 2 times this water goes to the drain ( it is not recycled)
  • finally, steam sterilization
  • CO2 filling

The machine is fully automatic, the hot water tank and lye tank are heated by electricity plus machine has its own steam generator. The machine is movable, installed on a stainless steel frame with stainless steel casters.

The machine can be also used for automatic filling of the KEGs (stainless steel or KEYKEGS), the machine is equipped with a diaphragm pump…the process of KEGs filling can be fully customized. 

All times (sequences) you can personally set…normally you can wash 2KEGs within 3–4minutes based on experiences..­....and setting of PLC. The machine is applicable for KEGs type A and S. 

An air compressor is not included but can be individually offered. It is recommended to use an oil-less compressor with a mechanical air filter.


If you have any question please contact:

Mr. Milan Janů +420 739 518 4­66 or