Brewery saccharometer 0-10%

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Brewery saccharometer 0-10%

Properties of a Brewery saccharometer

• Measuring range is 0-10% and 10-20%
• Measuring range of thermometer 0 to +50°C
• Scale division 1°C
The scale is measured at 20 ° C
• Length of sugar meter 380 mm

Use of a Brewery saccharometer:

Determination of the amount of residual sugar in the ferment in% by weight.

At the top of the meter is a scale from 0-10% or 10-20%. One scale interval = 0.1%. The gauge is inserted into the liquid and immersed (it is advisable to use a graduated cylinder with a sample of the liquid). On the scale, we read (at the level of level stabilization) how much tectin has% sugar.