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The volume of the brewing house is 1 batch 20HL.

The 20HL brewery consists:

  • 2Rollers Malt Mill (350kg/h) + possibility to install conveyor for automatic mall distribution
  • Brewing house consists:

          - Lauter tun and mash-wort pan

          - Mash pump, wort pump

          - Electrical cabinet with automatic temperature

            adjustment & control

          - Servis platform

          - Stainless steel pipes and sanitary valves

          - Plate heat exchanger for cooling of worth, with all accessories

          - Wort aerator

          - Steam generator with the possibility to use return condensate

            (electric, gas - natural, propane), water purification unit

  • CCT (Cylinder Conical Fermentation Tank) with automatic temperature

          adjustment & control (20HL, 40HL) with all accessories

  • Hot water tank (electric, heating steam) 30HL
  • Sanitation - CIP unit for technologies washing
  • Portable transfer centrifugal pump (0,5kW, 1,1kW)
  • Cooling system- industrial chiller plus 300l glycol accumulation tank
  • Coldwater tank 30HL
  • Oil-less compressor plus air stainless steel Microfilter
  • Filling and Bottling system (glass bottles, beer KEGs )
  • Beer transfer hoses
  • Hops Master HR300 (cold hopping device)
  • BBT Bright Beer Tank (20HL, 40HL)
  • Sugar Tank with el. heating and mixer (20HL, 40HL)
  • Transport
  • Installation
  • Operator Training

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