Oil less compressor

Oil-free, dental, compressors are characterized by very good performance and above all silent operation.
The main advantage of this compressor is the price/quality/per­formance ratio.
The device does not need oil to work, which makes it easy to maintain.

The use of oil-less compressor:

Dental compressors, the food & beverage industry, the compressor for the microbreweries.

The compressor is not suitable for continuous operation, for example, used with a capping machine(there is a high air consumption).

Compressor maintenance:

The compressor should be get rid of sludge.

The compressor must get rid of sludge at least once a week. In everyday operation, it is necessary to get rid of sludge the compressor air tank always after the work shift (daily).

There has to be zero pressure in the air tank when you start to get rit of the sludge.

Check the zero pressure on the compressor manometer. If there is residual pressure in the air tank, it must be depressurized and then you can start to get rid of the sludge.

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