Angle connector M12_5pin

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Angle connector M12_5pin

  • Electrical connection: female connector with M12 elbow, 5 pin
  • Cable connection: screw terminal / conductor cross-section <= 0.75 mm² / terminal capacity 3-6 mm 
  • IP protection: IP67
  • Ambient temperature range:-25°C to 70°C
  • supply voltage: 10-30VDC

Use of inductive position sensors:

  • Engineering industry - machine tools, control of welding robots, conveyors, displacement detection, stops, material thickness detection.
  • Food and beverage industry - mixing machines, packaging machines, filling machines, sliding conveyors.
  • Woodworking machines, Assembly lines, Textile machines.
  • Automotive
  • Rotation and rotation detection.
  • Measurement and detection of metal object approach, misalignment detection.
  • Motion and feed detection - conveyors, machine tools

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