Beer Production Technologies

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For many years company Water4Life s.r.o. has been one of the successful suppliers of technologies for the food and beverage industries, focusing on brewing technologies. Our company usually offers turnkey services from the phase of project identification, project design and development, production and technologies installation & commissioning and training.

Our company has its own engineering and development department, workplaces for development of new technologies, and own team of experienced technicians who have performed an assembly of the technologies and their commissioning. All technologies are tested before transportation and are gradually being improved as part of innovation.

A reliable preparation and implementation of our projects has being supported by team of specialists. To address special applications, our company also hires external experts and collaborates with companies that work in related industries. Smooth projects implementation  is ensured by the stable financial bac­kground of our company.

Any project can be fully customized according to the client's requ­irements and local conditions. 

If you have any questions please contact:

Mr. Milan Janů +420 739 518 4­66 or 


Here you can see how our applications work in practice:

installation of a 20HL brewery for a customer in France… 

tunnel pasteurization of beer bottles –…

and many other interesting videos from the operations of our customers.

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